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Here, you can download the templates and organization tools that you see in the blog. Simply click the file you want to download and save the file to your computer. If you enjoy the templates, please be sure to share with your friends!

Each template is provided with a fully customizable Word 2010 document so that you may edit it however you like. All templates are formatted as one page per day and include monthly calendars, budget worksheets, bank registers, to-do lists, page finder (with weekly to-do list) and daily pages. The daily pages include a schedule, to-do list, items due and notes section.

Full Planner Template Packages

These files contain everything included in each of the packages in a PDF Portfolio or ZIP format. You can download individual pieces of each package further down on this page.


Simply Silver Planner Templates (Letter Size)

This design is named for its light color scheme that allows your ink to stand out from the template. The solid lines and ample space accommodate even large handwriting. The files are made to be printed Letter Size, but can easily be edited to fit into your Classic planner.

Simply Silver PDFs

Simply Silver DOCs (Editable Files)


Dallas Planner Templates (Classic Size)

This design is named for my brother, whom I created it for when he started college. It has bold black and white features  along with inspirational quotes on most pages. This is an ideal package for anyone getting started in the analog planner game, as well as seasoned planners!

Dallas PDFs

Dallas DOCs (Editable Files)


Black Magic Planner Templates (Letter Size)

I had a friend tell me that he was convinced that the only way I could manage my busy schedule was through black magic. Considering that the truth is I have an awesome daily planner, I was inspired to create a design so that others can use “black magic” to manage their own busy days. This design features bold outlines and creative fonts to help inspire the user. Perfect for busy students!

Black Magic PDFs

Black Magic DOCs (Editable Files)

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