DIY Weekend: Nail Polish/General Small Item Rack

February 6th, 2012 by Angel | Print DIY Weekend: Nail Polish/General Small Item Rack

As anyone that reads this blog knows, I love nail polish. Since I quit biting my nails last year, my love has undoubtedly turned into an obsession. I’m not a hoarder, though, I’m a collector. ;) After realizing how sad it was that all this loveliness was being hidden in drawers, I decided I wanted some sort of rack so that I could see them all (wall art!) and keep them off of my desk. I hit YouTube determined to find the perfect solution, and lo and behold, I did! I dedicated my weekend to making this happen and I think it turned out beautifully.

My male readers might be reading this rolling their eyes, but pay attention! While the point of my¬† rack is for nail polish, you can take the design and make it into a rack for any sort of small items. Or if you have a woman in your life that shares my obsession, you might score a few points by making her one for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s the video tutorial I found on YouTube:


I followed the directions exactly. Well, actually I did all the measuring, marking, gluing, and taping. Chris cut the pieces (because I was not allowed to operate his “dangerous” carpet blade) and hung them on the wall. The only thing I changed was the style of duct tape. I went with zebra print, mostly because it’s about the same as a white tiger and I just love them. Notice for the men: If you’re making this a general small item rack, they do have manly decorative duct tape… I recall seeing flames, tools, skulls, collegiate, camo, and even Harley tape.

I got everything to do this at Walmart and the total came in under $15 (for supplies for 2 racks). I even had to buy the glue gun and sticks, and that was less than $5. I think the most expensive thing was actually the duct tape. lol.

Here’s how my racks turned out:

Obviously, they’re not full yet. No worries, I’ve got an order that should arrive this week that will finish filling the left one, and a lot of ‘wants’ that can take care of the right one. :) I love these racks. Less than $15, about an hour or so of time, and I have colorful wall art AND storage!

When I got done making these two racks, I found that I had some leftover supplies. I also noticed that I had a few nail supplies taking up prime desk real estate. So I got the idea to measure out a smaller rack that would fit my base coats, top coats, treatments and other extras that I reach for frequently. This freed up room and added another lovely little rack to my wall.

This mini rack would also make a fantastic catch-all to put near the front door. Just add a few hooks in the top shelves for keys and make the bottom piece a bit taller to catch mail. Customize to fit your own needs! Oh, this is why I love DIY! So many possibilities.

Here’s how my mini rack turned out:

Lastly, I just wanted to show you a shot of my manicure station. It’s a small desk that I used to keep for my laptop. Now, my laptop is more frequently found on my main desk (which is just a swivel turn from this one). I had the polish racks hung above this desk and the mini rack to the side then added the carousel for tools and a lamp for all important lighting. I also keep a small bar towel to protect the surface, but it was put away for this photo.

Here’s the photo:

What do you think of the results from my DIY weekend? I feel pretty proud of all 3 of the racks, especially my mini rack since it was a last-minute addition to the plan.

Got another idea for something a rack like this can be used for? Let me know! Send me your ideas, photos, and comments!




  1. I had to watch the video with no sound, so I’m not sure if this was addressed or not, but…What were the measurements of the rack? I bought all the supplies, and I need a rack that would hold 150-200 polishes, so I was wondering how big yours were? Thanks:)

    • Hi Ashley! I just measured one of mine and it looks like it’s roughly 30.5 in high x 20.5 in wide. It holds about 90 normal sized bottles (China Glaze, OPI, etc.) I have reorganized mine and fit much more on the indie/international/high end rack that includes HITs, Butter London (turned sideways), Deborah Lippmann (love those square bottles, they fit together nicely), and lots of indies that tend to have square or small bottles. I have a TON of Essies, and it would fit quite a few of them as well. The good news is, if you need a second rack, it’s less than $10 worth of supplies (all you’ll need is more foam board and another roll of duct tape… My first roll didn’t last through the second rack). Good luck!

  2. Oh my god, I saw both the video and your photos and I can’t help thinking that I would NEVER put all my precious polishes on a rack done with those materials on the wall. Polishes are so heavy when they are all together and I just feel that that rack with just glue sticking it all together should be so flimsly. I would be looking all day at that rack and expecting it to fall off the wall at any minute in a million pieces. Please tell me, is it still all in one piece after a year?

    • Yep, they’re still holding strong, even after a move. I’ve had zero issues. They’ve been installed, uninstalled, installed again, and I’m about to move them yet again from room to room. I was also hesitant about just using foam board and hot glue, but to my amazement, it’s actually a pretty strong combination. I guess I should also add that I reinforced each shelf with hot glue. Not only did I glue the edge, but I went across the top and bottom after that glue dried with another line of glue. Maybe that helped.


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