2012 Planner Templates Now Available!

December 22nd, 2011 by Angel | Print 2012 Planner Templates Now Available!

After working off and on over the weekend and for a good part of this week, I’ve gotten two of the three 2012 Planner Templates uploaded and ready for you to download! Available as of tonight are Simply Silver (a light color scheme letter sized template) and Dallas (a bold black and white color scheme classic sized template).

If you downloaded the 2011 version of Simply Silver, you might notice a few minor changes. I dropped the “Assignments Received” section of the daily pages. Mostly because I noticed that it was just taking up space and that the proper thing to do is to just add it to the appropriate to-do list. No need to write it down an extra time. That’s the only major change that you should notice, but if something seems strange to you, just let me know.

Dallas is a new template for 2012. I initially created the design for my brother when he started college back in August. It’s got the same basic components of Simply Silver, but with a bolder look and a smaller package. It also includes inspirational quotes on most of the pages. I tried my best to relate the quotes to the actual page, but some are just ones that I like. :)

I’m still working on my newest template design, Black Magic. It’s going to be a little less bold than Dallas, but a little more stylish than Simply Silver. The name came from a friend telling me that he was convinced that the way I manage to get so much done is by “black magic.” I was instantly convinced I needed to make a template set with this name! I’m hoping to have it completed before the end of next week so you can start your new year with it!

I’m working on another post regarding how to put together a planner for any of you just getting started on your first planner, so make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Bloglovin’ so you’ll get the update!

For now, go ahead and grab the template set that you like best!


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